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SEEN stands for exceptional products and unique solutions in architecture, interior design and design. Upon its foundation in August 2015, Rouven Seidler took his many years of industry experience as a basis and focused on the attention to detail, his passion for special solutions and their connection with the necessary technical knowledge. In partnership with innovative manufacturers, the company now offers a variety of possibilities to bring exciting projects and ideas to life. The aim is always to work with customers and define solutions at an early stage of the project. At every stage up to finalization, we at SEEN attach great importance to particularly close cooperation.


Our products are as unique as your projects. In order to meet the special requirements in processing, we work with a constantly growing network of technologically leading processors of stone, glass, acrylic glass, metal, wood and Corian. Our partners are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, which are particularly distinguished by their openness to innovation. They all think further than is usually the case, and constantly work on the development of their products.

This means that the product area on our website will never actually be complete. That is why we primarily provide you with a comprehensive overview of what is possible. In order to keep up to date, we recommend that you register for our newsletter. And if you are looking for something you can’t find, or have a completely new idea – please get in touch!



SEidler RouvEN attaches great importance to that which is special. So, look out for samples with our logo!

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